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1. Paw Protection and Repair: Our paw balm for dogs protects your pet's paw pads from salt, cold, and more. It also softens dry pet noses and cracked paws, and repairs dry, chapped, or damaged skin.

2. Gentle and Effective: This Paw Balm is safe and reliable even if your pet licks it off. It can moisturize your pet's paws and nose with natural ingredients. It is also suitable for cats and other animals.

3. Handy to Apply: This dog nose balm is quick to absorb and leaves no stains on floors or furniture. It is easy to apply with a smooth texture. Keep your pup's paws moisturized and healthy. 

4. Practical and Functional: This paw balm for dogs creates an invisible protective layer on your dog's feet, suitable for hot and cold weather. It provides long-lasting protection from harsh surfaces, salt, ice, and snow. 


5. Broadly Applicable: Our dog nose and paw balm is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and picnics. It nourishes and protects your pet's paws and nose from dryness, cracks, and irritations of any type of breed, ranging from small to large cats and dogs. 



Keep your pup's nose healthy and moisturised with our dog nose balm! This safe and reliable formula protects your pet's paw pads from salt, cold, and more. Even if they lick it off, it won't harm them. Plus, it won't leave any stains on floors or furniture. With an invisible protective layer, it's widely applicable for any pet.

1. Net content: 50g
2. Shelf life: 36 months

3. Application: Moisturizes your pet's paws and relieves dryness caused by weather, dryness, cracking, and other problems.

Natural Dog Nose And Paw Moisturising Balm

£12.99 Regular Price
£11.69Sale Price

BUY 2 GET 10% OFF USE CODE: 2410

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